Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is SB Design Agency?

A: SB Design Agency is a small design agency I own and operate with a team of other designers, developers and digital marketers. The difference is that with SB Design, you will have a team who will work together on your project pitching different ideas rather than just me. There will also be times that I may only manage the design process.

Q: What main design software do you use?

A: That is an easy one. I mostly use Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. For development, I prefer Brackets or TextWrangler.

Q: What kind of design work do you do?

A: I mostly do layout design and branding work inluding catalog design, ad comps, web mockups and photo retouching. I do a little photography as well as commercial illustration is not my specialty.

Q: What kind of web development do you do?

A: Whether or not the site is static or dynamic, a single landing page or a full blown shopping cart, I do responsive design and work mostly with HTML5, Bootstrap and CSS3. For dynamic sites I work with PHP and MySQL.

Q: What Content Management Systems do you work with?

A: For clients who need a CMS or who need development on an existing CMS, I mostly work with WordPress and Drupal. I also do a lot of work with OpenCart and occasionally work with Drupal and Magento. I do also offer support and upgrades for older content management systems such as Zen Cart as well.

Q: What else do you do?

A: Digital marketing, content marketing, B2B business support, IT development, SEM, local SEO and app design.